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This space "Seller"and "Buyer" is dedicated to the new legislation is useful to know to carry all your real estate projects.

Privately-owned septic tanks :
The provisions of article 1331-11- 1 of the French Public Health Code scheduled to enter into effect on 1/1/2013 have been brought forward to 1/1/2011.

In short it requires a privately-owned septic tank inspection certificate to be appended to all deeds of sale. If this is not the case, compliance works pursuant to an inspection, after signature of deed, shall be carried out at the vendor’s expense and responsibility.

The date on the document must be less than 3 years old at the time of signature of the deed of sale.

In the event of observed non-compliance during inspection, the purchaser will be required to carry out the necessary remedial works within one year of purchase.
The inspection is carried out by the municipal departments approved to this effect.

Energy performance diagnostic (DPE).
Since 1/1/2011, all property advertisements are required to display energy performance information for properties offered for sale.

Therefore, when instructing the agency to take on your property you will need to call in a diagnostics expert with the required skills and appropriate Professional civil insurance cover to this effect.