Expert appraisal


The ideal solution when a higher degree of technicity is required, financial stakes are high or conflict is involved.

  • Property Valuation Charter :
    our expert appraisal complies with the French property valuation charter. Work must be impartial and duly evidenced on all points.
  • Guarantee :
    Professional Civil Liability Insurance. The Expert is personally approved by the FNAIM French Chamber of Expert property appraisers.His or her work is covered by Professional Civil Liability insurance, contrary to an “Avis de Valeur” (Standard valuation), which is not.
  • Letter of assignment :
    Signed by the applicant and the Expert. It is a prior obligation and defines the purpose and scope of work of the expert appraisal, report lead time and cost.
  • Expert appraisal methods :
    These are chosen by the expert according to the assignment and type of property
    • For residential buildings, the comparison method is most frequently used.
      The applicable definition is the one defined for tax purposes:
      « This method consists in assessing the value of a property using terms of comparison based on sales of other properties as similar as possible to the property to be valued in terms of accommodation, condition and situation. »
    • Another method, known as Cash Flow, is based on a 6 or 10 year financial forecast. It can give interesting results for investment properties..
  • Legal expert appraisal :
    The final stage is the legal expert appraisal performed by an official court-approved expert with a view to settling a conflict between the parties.

Jean Louis DARNIS is a member of the Chambre des Experts Immobiliers de France – FNAIM.

So for all your valuation needs, “Avis de Valeur” (valuation) or Expertise (non judicial expert appraisal), we have a professional who can help, who uses reliable methods and data and is familiar with a region that he has worked in for over 25 years.Rest assured he will devote the necessary time to the task in hand.

The value of your asset is justification in itself to use an experienced professional.
So why not make an appointment today ?